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After Hours Concrete Supplier in Brisbane

Your team has a construction project that has gone past the original deadline, and you are desperate to get the work done as soon as possible. You have negotiated with your team members and put together a schedule that will keep everyone working after hours. You think that given a few extra days of work with the after-hours time figured in, you will be able to finish the job without forcing the client to change their plans much.

The problem is that you need to have concrete supplies at your Brisbane worksite during the after-hours work. Most concrete suppliers in Brisbane either don’t have after-hours service or will charge you an arm and a leg in fees to get what you need. As a result, your options are either to go over budget or to continue past the deadline—a dilemma that no construction company ever wants to face.

VCA Mobile Concrete: A Better Option for After-Hours Concrete Supplies in Brisbane

If you have been looking at different concrete suppliers in Brisbane and still haven’t found a workable after-hours solution, look no further than VCA Mobile Concrete. Our status as a ready mix concrete supplier in Brisbane allows us some added flexibility when it comes to after-hours projects. Since we don’t do premix concrete deliveries, we can just bring a concrete mixer to your site whenever you need it. When you are ready for concrete, our operator can get the mixer in the right position and start mixing a fresh batch of concrete to suit your needs.

By choosing VCA Mobile Concrete for your after-hours concrete supplies in Brisbane, you can get fresh concrete during the late afternoon, evening or night hours. You also won’t have to worry about exorbitant fees or hidden add-on costs. Our after-hours services are still billed based on the same reasonable and straightforward hourly rates that you would pay during business hours. Our standard concrete rates apply whether you need a pour at 2:00 in the afternoon or 11:00 at night. Please do note, however, that we require a four-hour minimum for after-hours use of our mixers.

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If you need concrete delivered in Brisbane and you need it for an after-hours project, you aren’t going to have as many options as you would during the day. There are many reasons that most construction companies seek to get their work done during standard business hours, but accessibility to services including concrete delivery are certainly part of the equation.

However, the fact is that sometimes a project can’t wait. If you are on a tight deadline (or have already passed your original deadline), then you can’t afford to wait for daylight to get the work done. Keeping your project going into the evening or night is your only option for completing your job in a timely fashion.

In such cases, you can call VCA Mobile Concrete. C Just give us a call on 1300 773 802 to discuss the scheduling and logistics of your after-hours project work.


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