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Ready Mix Concrete Delivery Brisbane

The VCA Mobile Concrete Difference

At VCA Mobile Concrete, we know that getting the perfect concrete mix is easier said than done. As a dependable source for ready mix concrete in Brisbane, we are consistently providing concrete deliveries to construction sites and other similar work environments. Our clients know they need concrete and they know that they can count on us to bring it right to their site, without fuss or hassle. What they don’t always know is how much time has gone into perfecting the concrete mix they receive.

Every batch of concrete is made up of a few basic ingredients: water, cement, coarse aggregates (gravel, crushed stone, etc.) and fine aggregates (usually sand). That’s it. These elements make up the concrete mixes that you see in sidewalks, factory floors, parking garages and house foundations. Of course, builders will often use reinforcements (such as steel bars or fibres) to add strength to the concrete or incorporate chemical additives to speed up the hardening process or increase the concrete’s ability to handle freeze-thaw climate cycles. For the most part, concrete is water, cement and aggregates—with a bit of air factored in for good measure.

When you order a shipment of mini mix concrete from Brisbane’s VCA Mobile Concrete, you can expect the same basic mixture of concrete you’ve always worked with in the past. Our concrete mixes don’t reinvent the wheel or accomplish superior strength by incorporating revolutionary ingredients.

However, what we have done is experiment with our concrete mixes to find the best proportions of water, cement, aggregates and air. The real science of producing high quality concrete is finding the right proportions for the mix. At VCA Mobile Concrete, we have spent hours in the laboratory working on research and development and striving to create the best mix designs possible. As a result, when a client orders a shipment of concrete mini mix in Brisbane, we can always guarantee the very best product

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Don’t settle for concrete that has been sloppily proportioned and mixed. Whether your team is building a house foundation, laying down concrete for a parking lot or repairing driveway panels that cracked and fretted the first time around, you deserve to work with the finest quality concrete available. When you order VCA Mobile Concrete’s mini mix concrete in Brisbane, you can rest assured knowing that we have put in the hours and the effort to make sure the mix is perfect.

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