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On Time Concrete Delivery in Brisbane

Picture this scenario: your team is scheduled to lay down concrete for a new house project today. The house is part of a new real estate development, and the developer behind the project is trying to keep things rolling quickly. Thus, your team is working on a tight schedule to get the foundation work done so that you can move on to the next stages of the construction project or start preparing foundations for other homes.

Because of the tight scheduling, you had your workers get to the construction site early today. Your goal was to get a head start on work. Unfortunately, you are relying on a third-party concrete supplier in Brisbane to deliver the concrete supplies you need for the foundation. While your team showed up early for work, the concrete delivery ends up coming an hour late. Through no fault of your team, you are running behind schedule.

Guarantee a More Dependable Concrete Delivery in Brisbane

The big problem with late concrete deliveries is that they can continue to affect the timeline for your project long after the concrete has been laid down. In the scenario described above, your team wouldn’t be able to do much work without concrete, which would lead to a lot of standing around and doing nothing. Once the concrete is down, you must wait for it to cure and dry to move to the next stage, which will take longer since you laid the concrete later than intended. Plus, you probably won’t want to use the same concrete service for future foundations, which means going back to the drawing board to find a more reliable concrete supplier in Brisbane.

At VCA Mobile Concrete, we understand how much headache a single late-arriving concrete delivery can cause. We also understand that most of our clients are working on tight schedules, with little to no wiggle room. Because of these factors, we offer an on-time guarantee to any customers who give us more than 24 hours’ notice about their concrete needs.

How does our on-time guarantee work? It’s certainly not just talk! Say you schedule a small concrete delivery in Brisbane for 10am sharp three days from now. We can guarantee you that we will be at your worksite by 10am at the latest. (We will usually arrive even earlier, to prepare and be ready to get started at 10.) If 10am comes and goes on the morning of your delivery and we still aren’t there, we will take responsibility for delaying your project by offering your entire concrete shipment free of charge. Needless to say, it’s in our best interest to get to you on time!

Schedule a Concrete Delivery Time That Your Supplier Will Keep; Call VCA Mobile Concrete Today

Are you tired of late concrete deliveries pushing your project schedule back and forcing you to pay your team for hours of dead time? Don’t settle for late deliveries anymore. Instead, next time you need a concrete delivery in Brisbane, give us a call at VCA Mobile Concrete. We will keep our word and be at your work site on schedule—every single time.

To learn more about our small concrete deliveries in Brisbane, dial 1300 773 802.


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