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If you look around, there is one thing that you will always find in bulk. So much so that this commodity forms the backbone of any country’s infrastructure around the world. This commodity is called Concrete and is not as easy to work with as it seems!

We work in Australia

But if there is one thing that Vcamobile Concrete can help you with, it is concrete. We are a team of dedicated individuals working together to bring about a revolution through Concrete.
We work in Australia and provide our services throughout the country with the help of experts in the fields.


Our services in Australia revolve around three key specializations:


Residential Concreting

We are dedicated to providing our concreting services to residential areas. In doing so, we are very careful of the fact that we ensure environmentally friendly practices. To add to that, we cater to all quality standards and ensure our work is done in a safe surrounding where nobody is at harm.

Our Concreting Services

Furthermore, we ensure our concreting services are durable and stay in place for years to come. Our designs have also been modified to cater to residential areas.

Quote Generation

We provide easy generation of quotes through our platform. The easiest way to get a quote is to simply send your particulars to us and we will get in touch with you ourselves.

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We are also available to any and all customers that want consultation before they commit to work with us. To make the process easier, we provide free initial consultation for you so that you never have to worry about the costs before work begins.

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5 Essential Safety Equipment for Offices in Pandemic

5 Essential Safety Equipment for Offices in Pandemic

With the passage of time it has been realised that despite fear of pandemic life has to move further. Uncertainty on the existence of the virus has led to the thought that lock down or closure are not a solution as repercussion of suspension of economic activities has more dire consequences. Survival is in learning the art of living with this menace. Offices are places of interaction. They need to develop safety modules and SOP’s to ensure safety without disturbing the security of the stakeholders. Availability and use of following safety equipment can reduce the threat.

Proper training on use of the security items listed below is vital. These devices if not used properly may not serve the purpose. Manuals detailing their use and reading be developed and displayed at appropriate places to ensure proper utilization of the safety equipment such as fire hose reels perth


It is very essentail  to ensure that the person entering office or workplace is not having any temperature. The temperature gun should be made available at the entrance of the office and arrangements be made to check the temperature before allowing entrance in the office or workplace.

Sanitizers and Masks

A well prepared liquid Sanitizer at the entrance will result in sanitizing the visitors before entrance in the office.The  viscosity of liquid used should in accordance with the health standards without compromising on its standards.The staff administering thermometer gun be asked to sanitize the gun after applying it to a specific count.Although the widespread of pandemic has educated the general public on utility of the use of Mask but it is feared that with the passage of time people will be accustomed and may not adhere to its wearing. Hence availability of Masks at the entrance be ensured. Instead of refusing entry, masks are provided.


In case of emergency the stakeholders of the workplace may become victims of loss of oxygen. To avoid panic it is necessary that the offices have oximeters to gauge the level of oxygen enabling them to determine the extent of emergency. 

Oxygen Cylinders

Since the pandemic attacks on the respiratory system it is essential to have Oxygen Cylinders along with inhalers at the workplace. Any loss of Oxygen needs immediate maintenance of the level of oxygen. Smooth respiration can facilitate in reducing the level of emergency. The workplaces need to ensure availability of this equipment with proper refilling arrangements. 

First Aid Box

 A box properly reinforced with medicines to fight against any emergency including life saving drugs to combat against an untoward situation will be available . Since  a disturbance in the respiratory system may affect other organs like heart etc; the first aid box should include medicines suggested for first in event of stroke etc. 

The pandemic doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Successful are the offices that adapt with the changes and have taken safety measures to live with it. 

Preliminary Design and Executive Design

The next step will be to officially entrust the task to the chosen professionals, who will begin with the design work of the house . It will be with them that we will have to compare ourselves to make all the important choices relating to the future construction of your home.

Initially, a preliminary project will be carried out , that is a first hypothesis that also allows to realize a rough calculation and estimate the costs of the works to be carried out. Furthermore, thanks to the preliminary project, the client has the opportunity to discuss each choice with the designer , review the definition of the spaces of each environment and get an idea of ​​which other professionals will be involved, from the construction company to the craftsmen for the finishes. .

The preliminary design may undergo changes for various reasons, such as the need to reduce costs. Once a satisfactory and economically sustainable solution for the client has been reached, the final project will be drawn up.

At this point it is necessary to produce all the technical documentation , to be presented to the Municipality and to other interested bodies in order to receive all the approvals to proceed with the execution of the works. The bureaucratic procedure must necessarily be followed by a qualified technician , who will be responsible for it.

Preliminary design and executive designIn the meantime, the executive project will be carried out , with which the materials, systems and various finishing works will also have to be defined in detail , always with a careful assessment of the construction cost relating to each alternative. This also reminds us how important it is to compare different quoteswhen you decide to build a house.

Choosing the materials, you will have to consider the costs, but also the quality and performance guaranteed by each one, always looking for the best possible compromise and avoiding that an economic material that is convenient today, does not then become the cause of future expenses for maintenance, repairs and replacements.

Building a House: All the Steps to Know From the Preliminary Design to the Construction Site

The building process is made up of different phases and sees the participation of several subjects, with the aim of building something that meets the needs of clients, be they private or public. This means that even when we decide to build a house , we will have to face a series of necessary phases and interface with designers, technicians and operators in the sector .

Very often, for those who do not work in the field, it can seem difficult to find their way around and retrieve all the information we need.

In this article we try to summarize the most important things, talking about the role of the designers , the planning and executive phases , the bureaucratic process and the construction costs.Project of a new house

With all the right information, however, it is possible to face every choice during the construction phases of a house with more serenity, starting with the research and subsequent choice of the land .

  • If instead of having to buy land, we own one, but we do not know if it can be built, an appropriate verification of the cadastral situation and possibly the urban or cadastral adjustment are necessary .

The architect’s choice
From the beginning it is certainly useful to rely on professional technicians, to be chosen carefully since they will be our main interlocutors all the time.

Choosing the architect to build a house, in fact, is important and to do so it is possible to rely on word of mouth and online research.

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