With the passage of time it has been realised that despite fear of pandemic life has to move further. Uncertainty on the existence of the virus has led to the thought that lock down or closure are not a solution as repercussion of suspension of economic activities has more dire consequences. Survival is in learning the art of living with this menace. Offices are places of interaction. They need to develop safety modules and SOP’s to ensure safety without disturbing the security of the stakeholders. Availability and use of following safety equipment can reduce the threat.

Proper training on use of the security items listed below is vital. These devices if not used properly may not serve the purpose. Manuals detailing their use and reading be developed and displayed at appropriate places to ensure proper utilization of the safety equipment such as fire hose reels perth


It is very essentail  to ensure that the person entering office or workplace is not having any temperature. The temperature gun should be made available at the entrance of the office and arrangements be made to check the temperature before allowing entrance in the office or workplace.

Sanitizers and Masks

A well prepared liquid Sanitizer at the entrance will result in sanitizing the visitors before entrance in the office.The  viscosity of liquid used should in accordance with the health standards without compromising on its standards.The staff administering thermometer gun be asked to sanitize the gun after applying it to a specific count.Although the widespread of pandemic has educated the general public on utility of the use of Mask but it is feared that with the passage of time people will be accustomed and may not adhere to its wearing. Hence availability of Masks at the entrance be ensured. Instead of refusing entry, masks are provided.


In case of emergency the stakeholders of the workplace may become victims of loss of oxygen. To avoid panic it is necessary that the offices have oximeters to gauge the level of oxygen enabling them to determine the extent of emergency. 

Oxygen Cylinders

Since the pandemic attacks on the respiratory system it is essential to have Oxygen Cylinders along with inhalers at the workplace. Any loss of Oxygen needs immediate maintenance of the level of oxygen. Smooth respiration can facilitate in reducing the level of emergency. The workplaces need to ensure availability of this equipment with proper refilling arrangements. 

First Aid Box

 A box properly reinforced with medicines to fight against any emergency including life saving drugs to combat against an untoward situation will be available . Since  a disturbance in the respiratory system may affect other organs like heart etc; the first aid box should include medicines suggested for first in event of stroke etc. 

The pandemic doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Successful are the offices that adapt with the changes and have taken safety measures to live with it.