The building process is made up of different phases and sees the participation of several subjects, with the aim of building something that meets the needs of clients, be they private or public. This means that even when we decide to build a house , we will have to face a series of necessary phases and interface with designers, technicians and operators in the sector .

Very often, for those who do not work in the field, it can seem difficult to find their way around and retrieve all the information we need.

In this article we try to summarize the most important things, talking about the role of the designers , the planning and executive phases , the bureaucratic process and the construction costs.Project of a new house

With all the right information, however, it is possible to face every choice during the construction phases of a house with more serenity, starting with the research and subsequent choice of the land .

  • If instead of having to buy land, we own one, but we do not know if it can be built, an appropriate verification of the cadastral situation and possibly the urban or cadastral adjustment are necessary .

The architect’s choice
From the beginning it is certainly useful to rely on professional technicians, to be chosen carefully since they will be our main interlocutors all the time.

Choosing the architect to build a house, in fact, is important and to do so it is possible to rely on word of mouth and online research.