The next step will be to officially entrust the task to the chosen professionals, who will begin with the design work of the house . It will be with them that we will have to compare ourselves to make all the important choices relating to the future construction of your home.

Initially, a preliminary project will be carried out , that is a first hypothesis that also allows to realize a rough calculation and estimate the costs of the works to be carried out. Furthermore, thanks to the preliminary project, the client has the opportunity to discuss each choice with the designer , review the definition of the spaces of each environment and get an idea of ​​which other professionals will be involved, from the construction company to the craftsmen for the finishes. .

The preliminary design may undergo changes for various reasons, such as the need to reduce costs. Once a satisfactory and economically sustainable solution for the client has been reached, the final project will be drawn up.

At this point it is necessary to produce all the technical documentation , to be presented to the Municipality and to other interested bodies in order to receive all the approvals to proceed with the execution of the works. The bureaucratic procedure must necessarily be followed by a qualified technician , who will be responsible for it.

Preliminary design and executive designIn the meantime, the executive project will be carried out , with which the materials, systems and various finishing works will also have to be defined in detail , always with a careful assessment of the construction cost relating to each alternative. This also reminds us how important it is to compare different quoteswhen you decide to build a house.

Choosing the materials, you will have to consider the costs, but also the quality and performance guaranteed by each one, always looking for the best possible compromise and avoiding that an economic material that is convenient today, does not then become the cause of future expenses for maintenance, repairs and replacements.